Dive into the MonkeyBum Animation Gallery below.  A mix of realistic creatures and fun characters, it's a visual cheeseboard without the grapes or fat content.


It's like potato prints...


....but without the root vegetables.


Welcome to - the home to MonkeyBum Animation by me, Lee Caller.  Think of this site as being a little like Etch-a-Sketch but without the knobs.  Instead you'll find the gallery to my creature and character animation, which I hope has the fun factor of Spirograph but without having to spend an hour looking for a green ball-point pen.


I'm also prone to ejecting a 3D model every now and then - so feel free to take a look at them.  They make the perfect surprise gift for the one you love.


If you like what you see and feel I can assist you  in an animation/3D modelling related piece of your own, large or small,  then by all means give me a shout.


Finally there's a blog - where I do my utmost to regularly post any animation related hints, tips, clips & cheese dips that I come across.





I was awake anyway...

If you like what you've seen so far of MonkeyBum Animation, maybe you have a project of your own where you feel I can be of assistance or even if it's simply to say "Hi" then give me a shout.


You can use any of the social bits and bobs below if that's where you're happiest.  Alternatively enter some odds and ends in the form and that'd be equally lovely, but please be forewarned that requests for signed photo's from "MonkeyBum" may produce some unexpected results.


That's the first time I've had to use the word "forewarned" in ages. Years probably.

MonkeyBum Animation by Lee Caller
MonkeyBum Animation
By Lee Caller


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By all means contact me if you want to make use of any bodily samples

MonkeyBum Animation
By Lee Caller
MonkeyBum Animation
By Lee Caller
By Lee Caller